Santa's Missing reindeer

"COME ON DASHER" "WHERE ARE YOU!" screamed Santa!"I cant leave without my last reindeer, the sleigh won't fly without him."
Santa then ran into his workshop frantically trying o find his phone, "Now where is my PHONE!D" "Am I just losing lots of things, cause this is the worst time to lose things!" Santa sprinted into the reindeer paddock and only saw 7 reindeer, he just needs dasher!
Snta then found his phone and called mostly everyone he knew, all of them said they had no idea. At this time, Santa was just about to go to his elves to say stop making presents!
The North Pole got darker and darker, and you could only see the lights of the elves workshop, with snowflakes falling everywhere! Santa didn't give up so he went back into his workshop  and OMG!.... 
Dasher was sleeping in the corner of the kitchen, santa couldn't believe his eyes, he ran astonishingly to Dasher and buckled everyone of the reindeer  onto the sleigh, the…

Our Invention

MASSAGE SOCKS                                            By Hannah And Sonika!
In our class we are learning about inventions!

Our invention will help people with sore legs like athletes,climbers, swimmers,runners,gymnasts and mums .... So we invented the Massage Socks!

These socks are highly convenient and are easy to use. We thought of this idea because people keep on getting sore legs including us!
It comes with  a charger which it clips on to the top of the socks. It is the size of your pinkie and can fit in a small pocket. Also dont worry if you dont have a pocket because it can clip on to anything!

What I am proud of...

I am very proud of my maths and reading test results, I feel like my brain is working harder than usual.
I got a 3B in reading and a 3P in Maths and that makes me very proud.
I am also proud of getting my tests done in time and having a very good score.
When I get good results I feel happier and more smarter!

My favourite things to do and why!

Dancing because I like to learn new moves and dance to music with enthusiasm, I also like competing! Cooking because I get to learn new techniques and learn how to cook new food, I also like when you get to eat it after you make it. Piano because I like when people listen to my music and I am self-trained cause I dont go to piano lessons so I learn of youtube and I enjoy doing that! Maths because I can learn new strategies and find out ways to work out the problems I also like to learn times tables at home because it calms me down. Art because I love love love drawing because it makes my brain calmer and it soothes myself I also like colouring and showing of my pictures to my family!

Why junk food is bad for you!

Why is junk food bad for you!!
Dear reader, I think junk food is bad for you because it doesn't give you all your nutrients  and greens you need to have to be healthy.
Firstly, healthy food is good for your health and your body, if you have junk food you are eating all the oils and fats and making your body lose all its nutrients. Junk food sometimes have lots of bad stuff like oil,fat,grease and sometimes dirt! Not saying you can't eat junk food but you should balance out your food so you have a healthy diet!
Secondly, you can make healthy food taste nice like a smoothie, it’s not junk food but it does taste nice even though it is made out of healthy food! Also if you get used to eating healthy you would keep doing it and being healthy, but junk food will be a maybe dish to set aside!
Lastly, junk food is really nice but we need to balance our diets out and junk food sometimes does affect some peoples health!
So I think junk food is bad for yo…

What I want to be when I grow up!

A Teacher I want to be a teacher because teachers teach lots of subjects and also have new and fun learning to learn everyday!
Teachers have to be responsible a lot and always have everything organised like planning and other teacher things, because teachers have to be responsible they must be on time and have everything ready for the day.
Also you can actually learn new things from just kids! I would be delighted if I was a teacher!
Teachers are also very busy but I like to be busy and the only thing I want to do is be a teacher so the teacher is a good choice for me!

I am very excited for what I want to be and I think it is a very great choice for me to be a teacher so that's what i’m going to be!!

Fruit world

Today we had to make a setting description for our character and mine was blueberry!

Fruit world Suddenly, Blueberry walks into an admirable and gracious world with everybody swimming in the lovely  hot pools. With tropical trees and tall palm trees. “It smells so yummy you would want to eat everything” says Blueberry!Blueberry has lots of friends called Raspberry,Passion and Ban Ban and they live her too!It’s a very good place for fruit to survive in!